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Professional Window Cleaning in Bend, OR

"Always a joy! Can’t say enough about how this company sets the gold standard for communication, professionalism, and quality service at an amazing value. I am happy to have them work on my own house and as a designer recommend them first to all of my clients!"
Miriah O'Dair, Bend, OR
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How can we help you today?


Trustworthy — All of our team are background checked, clean-cut and uniformed, so you can have peace of mind that you can trust who is coming to your door


Excellent Communication — We will stay in contact with you throughout the whole process. So you’ll have no surprises!


Experienced — With over 20 years of window cleaning in Bend Oregon, you can rest assured that you will receive only the best results

A Trustworthy Window Cleaning Company

Your home is your haven of peace and happiness. It’s also one of the biggest investments you will make. If you have dusty, streaked windows, it’s not appealing to either you or your visitors. Naturally, you don’t often think about the appearance of your windows until they’re dirty. And when this is the case, you want to use a window cleaner service that is trustworthy, thorough and leaves you with sparkling results.

At MasterPro Service Inc, we’ve been window cleaning in Bend for over 20 years. We believe communication is key. From your first initial contact to when we leave your property, you will be kept in the loop throughout the whole process. That way, there are no surprises for you — except how sparkling your windows will be when we’re finished! Rated the #1 local professional window cleaner in Bend, Oregon, we are proud of the service we provide to our customers.You can read what they are saying about us here!

You shouldn’t have to lift a finger to feel proud of how your windows look and how pristine your home feels; we’ll do the hard work of window cleaning for you! Get in touch with us today using one of the buttons below:

"Michael is very thorough, cleaning our windows inside and out and washing all screens. He’s also enjoyable to be around, and we actually look forward to having him in the house working. We can not recommend him more highly."
Charlie Vial, Bend, OR
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Window Cleaning in Bend OregonWindow Washing Bend OR Bend Gutter Cleaning

Bend Window Washing Service

Your windows are the eyes of your home. They allow you to look out at those beautiful Oregon views we’re so lucky to have in our backyard. So, it’s not ideal when you can’t see through them properly due to stains, streaks, and dirt.

When you trust a window cleaner Bend Oregon to come into your home to clean your windows, you want to make sure that they will be respectful of your home and ultimately, that they do a good job! With MasterPro Service Inc, you can sit back and relax.

Why choose us for your window cleaning?


From the first call, we’ll make sure that you know exactly what is going to happen. Communication is so important to us. We don’t want there to be any surprises for you


When we arrive at your home, we’ll make sure that your floors, surfaces, and furniture are protected while we work. Everything will be left as we found it — except your newly cleaned, sparkling windows!


We use a completely biodegradable cleaning solution for your interior windows and a chemical-free, pure hot water system to clean your exterior glass. So you’ll be left with a long-lasting, clear view which is also great for your home environment


Your quote from us includes streak-free glass cleaning, the wiping down of the frames and the dusting of your window sills. We also perform a deluxe service of screen deep cleaning with our patent pending screen washer which removes the outside dust, pollen and any creepy crawlies that have tried to get through your windows


We’ll also alert you of anything that we see around your windows that may indicate any damage or defect in the waterproofing of your property

If you would like to have that beautiful view restored in your home, get in touch with us using one of the buttons below! We promise this is the only work you will need to do to have sparkling windows — we’ll do the rest!

Our 7 Day Rain Guarantee

Rain guarantee

If it rains within 7 days of us cleaning your windows, we'll come back and touch up the affected windows at no extra charge!

"We have lived in Central Oregon for over 18 years and never had our windows professional cleaned. My husband always did a great job, but we have vaulted ceilings with very high windows. It was time to look to a professional. Mike at MasterPro Services Inc. was amazing. He worked quickly and efficiently and our windows never looked so clean. He educated me on window types and the various reasons why we have struggled with getting some of our replacement windows cleaned. He even cleaned our ceiling fan at the peak of the vault. I definitely recommend this company."
Sondy Wyss, Bend, OR
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Before and after gutter cleaning in Bend, OregonGutter Cleaning Bend OR

Gutter Cleaning in Bend, OR 

Your gutters do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to protecting your home. They should be well maintained and cleaned regularly to prevent expensive damage to your home. If your gutter is clogged with debris from trees, it can easily back-up and overflow in a rainstorm which could destroy your landscaping.

At MasterPro Service Inc, we’re professionals when it comes to your gutter cleaning. We’ll remove all blockages in your gutters and downspouts so that your system is in working order before the next rain, hail or snow storm comes around. And when it comes to gutter cleaning, you want to hire someone who knows exactly what they are doing, is safe and insured. You probably hate broken bones and twisted ankles — we do too! Working up on a roof can be very dangerous. That’s why we have undergone industry certified training and always take the proper safety precautions and use fall arrest gear to make sure that your roof is taken care of safely and professionally — so there is no danger of you having to get up on a ladder yourself.

Your gutters can also become stained as they are constantly exposed to the weather and wet conditions. We’re here to help with this! Along with our gutter cleaning service, we also offer an exterior gutter washing service that removes the stains and streaks on the exterior gutter face to help restore the look of your home.

If you know your gutters are in need of some necessary maintenance, please don’t wait. Get in touch with us today using one of the buttons below!

100% Happiness Guarantee

Smiley face

Your happiness is our top priority. If you're not happy with the work provided, we will refund you up to $500

"I just had Mike install heating coils on my roof edges / gutters. After thoroughly cleaning the gutters he carefully and thoughtfully measured and installed the coils closest to available outlets. This man doesn’t just crank out a job and is gone, he is precise and knowledgeable. I am so pleased MasterPro Service was recommended to me. This is a great local business and I gladly give Mike 5 stars!"
Cynthia Bassett, Bend, OR
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bend solar panel cleaningsolar panel cleaning bend orsolar panel cleaning company in bend or

Solar Panel Cleaning & Inspection in Bend, OR

When you’ve invested in solar panels, you are hoping to make a return on your investment. Solar panel maintenance is one of the only cleaning services that actually makes you money. Your solar panels will only do their best work when they are clear and have unobstructed access to the sun. So while your system is a low maintenance item, it is not maintenance free. We have the necessary training and expertise to make sure that you keep up with your solar manufacturer’s maintenance plan.

Even with regular rainfall, material will settle in and build up along the frames of your solar panels which can eventually build up to the point that it will start to block the cells of your solar panels. Did you know that if a single cell is even partially blocked or shaded from the sun, a solar module can lose up to a third of its energy output?

Our Solar Cleaning Process

  1. Every service starts with a review of your photovoltaic system (PV) manual so that we can verify all of the components and re-initialization procedures
  2. Next, we look at your power inverter to verify that the system is not experiencing any errors
  3. Then, following the manufacturer’s directions, we disconnect your PV system from the power grid for your safety and ours
  4. Just before we service your PV system, we use electrical meters to verify that there is no dangerous current still flowing in the system
  5. Then, we inspect the panels and wiring for any signs of damage or the presence of animal nests and plant debris under the panels. These can block air circulation which causes energy robbing heat build-up
  6. After this, we clean each solar panel and frame using either purified water from a water fed brush or a traditional soft microfiber scrubber and squeegee
  7. Finally, we follow the manual’s directions to reconnect your PV system to the electrical grid and get it back to making electricity even more efficiently

Before offering this service, we spent over a year working on solar installations and maintenance with a licensed photovoltaic system contractor here in Oregon. We also received training on Photovoltaic systems from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). We wanted to make sure that we are treating your investment properly with the utmost care and respect for its potential dangers.

If you require your solar panels to be professionally cleaned and inspected, get in touch with us today!

Liability insurance

We carry $2 million in Liability Insurance

"Consistent attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Michael is on the plus side of "Job Well Done". If this team is not part of your home services. . . they should be. Trust me you will not be disappointed!"
Larry Dahlke, Bend, OR
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Additional Services

Chandelier cleaning in Bend OR

Chandelier / Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Do you want your glass chandeliers to shine just as brightly as your windows? We’ll dust and clean your whole fixture so that it will light up the room like it is brand new. We can also disassemble your chandelier, carefully clean and inspect each piece and then reassemble it. And while we’re up there, we can replace burned out bulbs or replace damaged parts. If you notice that your ceiling fans blow down dust bunnies more than fresh air every time you turn them on, we’d be happy to give them a thorough cleaning so you can enjoy clean air circulating through the room rather than a swirling dust cloud.
Window Screen Repair in Bend OR

Window Screen Repair

You want to have fresh air while keeping those bugs out! But with our rapid temperature changes and intense sunlight here in Central Oregon, your window screens and frame components can take a hit. At MasterPro Service Inc, we offer screen repair, rebuilding, and new screen construction. We also offer a screen detailing service where all of your screens are washed through our custom screen washing machine to remove all traces of dust and pollen. You’ll be sure to get the freshest air possible through your open windows.
Dryer vent cleaning in Bend OR

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do your clothes take longer to dry in your dryer than they used to? This could be the first sign that your dryer vent is clogging up with lint and other leftovers from your laundry. We can safely clean and remove the energy robbing debris in your dryer vent system. This will not only save you energy and money, but it could also help prevent a dangerous fire in your home.
Roof Cleaning in Bend OR

Roof Cleaning

Your roof is a massive protector of your home. It takes a few good hits from the range of weather conditions we get here in Oregon and can become the victim of moss, algae and other unwanted guests. As Central Oregon's only State-Licensed roof cleaning service, MasterPro can gently and legally clean and wash your roof to remove the nasty contaminants, tree debris, and stains built up over the years without damage to your property. A thorough roof clean could add many more years on to your roof.
Shower Door Restoration in Bend OR

Shower Door Restoration

Your glass shower doors are important to keep the water contained in one place when you are showering while maintaining your privacy and beautifying your bathroom. Our shower door restoration service cleans away soap residue and takes off that impossible to remove hard water spots on any doors which are no longer in their prime condition.
Scratched window in Bend OR

Glass Scratch Removal

It's not a nice feeling looking through your window to see a scratch in the glass. No cleaning can remove it; it is just there! MasterPro can heal and remove scuffs and surface scratches from window glass, door glass and glass table tops. So you don't have to keep looking at those scratches on your glass for much longer!
GlasWeld Certified Professional

Why do your neighbors trust us for window cleaning in Bend, OR?

MasterPro Service is a family company dedicated to making sure that you are happy. With over 20 years of keeping Bend, Oregon clean, we are master professionals in window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and solar panel maintenance. We want you to be proud of your home and happy with the service you receive. That’s why we always make sure that everything is properly communicated to you and that every job will be completed beyond your satisfaction with our uniformed, well-trained team members. We’re proud of our 5-star rating and you can read what our customers say right here!

A little bit about us:

Mike has been working in this field for almost 20 years. He got started with his family’s janitorial company and after a short time, he was taking on his own clients. He prides himself on always doing a quality job and treating every home and business as if it were his own. Customer service and quality workmanship are his top priorities for any job.

Brittany formally became a business partner in early 2012 and has proven herself an excellent window cleaner. She is also a beautiful addition in providing outstanding customer service.

Zion is our next master serviceman in training. He’s still a rookie on the squeegee but even that’s a pretty big accomplishment since a year ago, he wasn’t even walking. His next goal is to climb a ladder without mommy or daddy catching him in the act.

MasterPro Service was awarded the best of 2015 for earning great customer reviews on ThumbtackMasterPro Service was awarded the best of 2015 for earning great customer reviews on ThumbtackMasterPro Service was awarded the top rated local award of 2018.MasterPro Service was awarded Housecall Pro Superpro in 2018MasterPro Service was awarded Housecall Pro Superpro in 2019