Professional Window Cleaning in Bend, OR

You can rest easy (and sleep in on snow days) knowing that MasterPro will take care of the snow for you this winter. With a crew ready to help you keep up with that snow on your driveway, front walk and sidewalks, you'll be able to have an extra cup of coffee on those beautiful winter mornings while you watch someone else do the work. The team uses a combination of shovels and hand controlled snow blowers to maintain your grounds and keep the snow under control without gouging your paved surfaces with a big heavy plow.

And if you're worried about ice dams, our team also provides roof edge snow removal to keep that area free of snow and help prevent ice dams from forming.

For Routine Driveway Snow Removal, you'll automatically get us out in the morning whenever we get 3" of snow or more.

For Routine Roof Edge Snow Removal, you'll get regular, preventative maintenance whenever we get 6" or more of snow accumulation.

To see pricing and sign up for Routine or One-Time service, just fill out the information below: