Professional Window Cleaning in Bend, OR

Window Cleaning the Highest Windows

This question usually comes up when a window is neglected for years because you or the person you hired was not able to get to it. Well, to answer your question, we think a picture of us at work will best tell the story:

Cleaning The Nines Hotel in Portland.

Window cleaning 140 ft up at The Nines Hotel in Portland.

You can trust our MasterPros to take care of every window on your home. With ladders, 45 ft carbon fiber extension poles and rope access, we can get to almost any window safely and give you that shine you’ve been missing.

While we don’t have to clean any windows this high up here in Bend Oregon, there are still quite a few that you could think are out of reach! For a little fun, check out this historical article about how window cleaning service was originally done on high rise buildings like the Empire State Building. (A few buildings in NYC still have to be done this way!)

If you’re ready to see what heights we’ll go to for your happiness, click here to get your instant quote: