What are we doing about COVID-19?

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Here are some of the precautions we will be taking to protect our clients and the community here in Bend, Oregon as we perform window cleaning, gutter cleaning and exterior cleaning and sanitizing and how these new standards may affect your services.

COVID-19 Adjustments to Our Service

  1. JUNE 6, 2020 update: Stage 2 Reopening for Deschutes County.
    We are now performing interior services for select customers. We ask that clients maintain 6 feet of distance from team members at all times. To that effect, if at all possible, it is preferable that clients remain outside of the home during the interior portion of the service. If not possible, we ask that clients remain outside of the room that Team members are currently working in.
  1. All team members who are ill will remain home. We check in daily with everyone to make sure that they are feeling well. If their temperature is elevated when we check it in the morning, or they feel even the slightest bit unhealthy, we don’t risk it. We send them home. Our administrative staff is working from home so that they can maintain a maximum social distance. 
  1. The entire service from start to finish can be done while practicing social distancing. Our current aim is to provide a ‘zero-contact’ service. Quotes will be sent by email. Payment can be arranged with the office over the phone or paid through our online payment system. Our technicians will communicate before, during and after service with text messages and phone calls so they don’t even have to knock on your door. 
  1. High touch surfaces such as steering wheels, door handles, phones and tablets will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

  2. Team members will put on disposable gloves upon arrival at your property after having thoroughly washed their hands.
  3. Masks will be worn by all team members while on site.

Window Cleaning

  1. Towels will not be re-used from job to job. Each towel used in your home will be freshly laundered, and only used at your home. At the end of each job all of our used towels, drop clothes and other soft goods are placed in a separate receptacle to be thoroughly laundered before being circulated back into use.  
  2. We don’t reuse our cleaning solution between jobs. We only carry fresh water in an applicator bottle along with a separate bottle of window cleaning soap so that our washing solution is continuously renewed from a fresh source throughout the job.
  3. Upon completion of the job all hand tools are placed in a sanitizing solution and thoroughly soaked before being rinsed thoroughly for use at the next job. 
  4. If you or anyone in your family is sick or has been in contact with someone who has traveled, or been exposed to the virus, we ask that you notify our office before our team arrives so that we can reschedule the appointment. We do not want to put any of our technicians through any unnecessary risk and our employees have the right to refuse service if they feel unsafe. .

Gutter Cleaning, Roof Cleaning and Screen Repair:

This service is performed outside and has no need for close contact. General standards apply and we will arrange for a phone or online payment upon completion of service. 

House Washing and Power Washing:

We’ve actually found that the need for this service has increased. The cleaning solution we use for our house wash and general exterior power washing has been identified by the CDC as an effective sanitizing agent and the equipment we use is especially designed to apply these products. The solution we use is a proportioned mixture of soap, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and water. If you are interested in regularly sanitizing your outdoor decks/outdoor living spaces yourself we are happy to share the best way to do it.  

Our Role In the Community:

We take an active role in the Bend and Central Oregon community and support local public health authorities in their response to confirmed cases and exposure risks of COVID-19. We will continue to provide updates on issues that may potentially affect the health and safety of you or our team members. We are committed to being proactive in our approach to slow down this curve of infection by practicing social distancing and following all advice from the Government Agencies even if it should hurt our financial state.

For the latest recommendations and guidelines, please visit the CDCWorld Health Organization, and Oregon Health Authority Websites.

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