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Gutter Cleaning Service – “The Best” of Central Oregon

Ice Damming that can damage your homeMake sure that you prevent potentially expensive damage to your home by regularly having your gutters cleaned. A gutter that is clogged by debris from trees can easily back up and overflow in a rainstorm destroying your landscaping. In the worst cases, winter snow melt running off your roof can freeze up (ice damming) in the gutter because the water has nowhere to go and then creep up underneath your roofing causing extensive damage and potentially lead to rot in the roof sheathing and rafters.

Man falling from a ladderYou probably hate broken bones & twisted ankles (I know we do.) Well, working up on the roof or at its edge can be a risky and dangerous chore. We take proper safety precautions and use fall arrest gear as necessary to make sure that this work is taken care of safely and professionally. You’re also protected by Bend’s Best gutter cleaning insurance. We then remove all the blockages in your gutters and downspouts and make sure that the whole system is working properly before the next rain storm.

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Gutter Washing

The outside of your gutters can also become stained since it’s also constantly exposed to the weather and wet conditions.

We offer an exterior gutter washing service to help restore the look of your home. This works especially well on light colored gutters.