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Solar Panel Cleaning & Inspection Service

Residential Solar Cleaning in Bend OregonYou made a serious investment in your Photovoltaic (PV) system and are hoping to get a return. Solar panel maintenance is the only cleaning service that makes you money. While your system is a low maintenance item, it is not maintenance free. Every solar manufacturer has a recommended maintenance plan. We have the training and expertise to make sure you can keep up with yours. You’re also protected by Bend’s Best solar cleaning insurance.

A solar panel will only do its best work when it has clear, unobstructed access to the sun. As the seasons wear on, dirt, moss, bird droppings and haze from environmental pollutants will obscure a solar panel reducing its clarity.

Some systems have seen up to a 20% increase in energy output after a single cleaning.

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Owners Beware

Even with regular rainfall, material will settle in and build up along the frames of a solar panel and can eventually build up to the point that it starts blocking the cells of your solar panels. Using a garden hose to rinse off the panels will eventually lead to energy robbing hard water mineral buildup. (Ever seen a glass shower door that’s been “rinsed” every day?) If a single cell is even partially blocked or shaded from the sun, a solar module will lose up to a third of its energy output. 

Before offering this service, we spent over a year working on solar installations and maintenance with a Certified Photovoltaic System Contractor here in Oregon. We also received certified training on photovoltaic systems from NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). We wanted to make sure that we were treating your investment properly with the utmost care and with a respect for its potential dangers.

The Inspection & Solar Cleaning Process

Every service starts with a review of your PV system manual so that we can verify all of the components and proper disconnect and re-initialization procedures. Next, we look at your power inverter to verify that the system is not experiencing any errors.  Then, following the manufacturer’s directions, we disconnect your photovoltaic system from the power grid for your safety and ours. Just before service, we use electrical meters to verify that there is no dangerous current still flowing in the system. Now we can inspect the panels and wiring for any signs of damage or the presence of animal nests or plant debris under the panels which can create energy robbing heat build up and block air circulation. After this, we clean each solar panel and frame using either purified water from a water fed brush or a traditional microfiber scrubber and squeegee. Finally we follow the manual’s directions to reconnect your PV system to the electrical grid and get it back to making electricity even more efficiently.

Maintenance cleaning on a commercial 50kW installationFor PV Installation Contractors

We also provide regular PV Array maintenance plans for installers wishing to add value and service to their installations. Our service will help you keep apprised of any warranty issues or damage to your installation as the months and years wear on.