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Window Cleaning Service – The Most Trusted of Central Oregon

Have a cup of tea or read a book while we do the window cleaning.

Just sit back and relax. You’re about to have the most enjoyable window cleaning experience ever. There’s nothing for you to worry about as we efficiently move through your home or business restoring the optimal view. Your floors and delicate surfaces will be protected as we work. You’re also protected by Bend’s highest level window cleaning insurance. And don’t worry about Fido or Fluffy as we work; we love animals and wouldn’t dream of letting your precious furry family member escape through an open window or door. You won’t lift a finger (unless you want to drink a cup of tea or turn the page of your book) as we move furniture out of the way and carefully open the blinds. It’s no wonder hundreds of your friends and neighbors keep calling us back and consistently describe our window cleaning service as “The Best.”

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Your window cleaning service

2nd floor interior window cleaning serviceWhen we give you your quote, it includes cleaning the glass streak free along with wiping down the frames and dusting off those sills (including that hard to reach one way above your stairs.) We also perform a deluxe service of screen deep cleaning with our patent pending screen washer as well as premium track cleaning to remove the outside dust, pollen and creepy crawlies that tried to get in through your operable windows. We don’t want anything detracting from your perfectly clear view to the world outside. Our commitment to your ultimate happiness truly sets us apart.

We use a completely biodegradable cleaning solution for the interior windows and a chemical free, pure hot water system to clean your exterior glass. You will be left with a long lasting clear view that will make your home or business shine inside and out.

We will also be quick to alert you to anything we see around your windows that may indicate damage or a defect in the waterproofing of your building.

Besides traditional window washing, we have several techniques and products that we use to remove soap scum from your shower doors and hard water deposits from your glass. We’d also be happy to clean your mirrors and interior glass doors with the same quality and clarity as your windows.