Your Price Is Higher Than The Last Guy!

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The most basic question to ask yourself is, if you were happy with you received from another company, what drove you to seek us out? There is something missing in most service businesses today: the desire to truly take care of the customer.

Your price is higher than the last guy!

Your MasterPro tech loves taking care of you because he loves working for our company. In Bend & most of Central Oregon there’s no way to consistently hire and retain competent, trustworthy, diligent staff without providing them with a living wage and a quality work environment. You are also protected with the very best insurance coverage in this industry. In fact, our only customer service complaint we’ve heard is that we don’t charge enough for our level of service. Choosing MasterPro Service is like dining at a 5-Star Restaurant. You wouldn’t dare compare that experience with a quick stop for a Fast Food Hamburger.

While we can remove certain items from your complete service package for some cost savings, it won’t reach the company standard that we hold ourselves to or that we expect our clients to be content with. Our service is designed to give you the absolute best results for your money. None of the package items we offer are frivolous add-ons. Choosing to opt out on some basic items leaves both of us open to criticism from your neighbors, friends and family. Your project’s final result is a reflection on yourself as a discerning customer as well as our pride in workmanship.

We know that you will be ecstatic with your service. If we don’t make you happy, we’ll make it right or the job is on us. To discover the MasterPro difference with window cleaning servicegutter cleaning service or any of our other services, just go here to learn more:

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