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You are covered by our $2 Million General Liability policy, Worker’s Comp coverage, Commercial Auto Insurance and Surety Bond. We are also insured to work up to 10 stories in height in Central Oregon. While we have never made a liability claim, we still want to make sure that you are taken care of just in case.

What does your liability insurance cover?

To best serve you, we worked with a specialty insurance agent, Joseph D. Walters. Over the past 35 years, the great people there have negotiated coverage specific to the Window Cleaning Service and Power Washing industry. Together, along with local agent, Elizabeth Culley and Northwestern Insurance Group, we developed a policy specific to our company to protect you, our dear client.

The single most important part of the policy is our Care, Custody and Control endorsement. It means that everything we work on or around is covered under our insurance policy.

Is it more expensive than regular liability insurance? Yes it is!

Are you worth it as our client who we care about? Yes you absolutely are!

To our knowledge, we are the only service provider in Bend providing this level of protection to our clients. In fact, out of the 150+ registered window cleaning companies in the 541 area code, only 10 are confirmed to be providing this safeguard for you.

Any window cleaner’s standard liability insurance will cover you if he drops his ladder on your car (or your cat!) But if a window is accidentally broken or otherwise damaged, you better hope that he has cash in his bank account. Liability insurance policies should be written to protect you as the client from accidents. But, if an accident happens on the item you hired someone to work on, most insurance policies will specifically exclude that item from coverage.

In our quest to find the best coverage for you, we had to sift through over half a dozen agencies and dozens of providers to find one that would provide everything necessary to best protect our clients. Ask your current service provider if they have Care, Custody & Control coverage. Then, after they quickly tell you, “Yes,” ask to see it in writing in their policy. Unfortunately, many misinformed insurance agents even tell their client that they have this coverage, but when it comes time to file a claim, the insurer will inform them that the damaged item is excluded from coverage.

Also make sure that your service provider has legitimate liability insurance. To save on expenses, many companies falsely claim that they are just a janitorial business. They pay a much lower insurance rate and pass the savings on to you. However, if they are ever audited or have to file a claim, the truth will be discovered and the insurer will deny coverage.

If you’re ready for a company who you can trust and who cares about you, get an instant quote from MasterPro right now.

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