Who Are You Sending To My House?

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There is no customer service without people. How much you want to and should interact with the people in a company is usually determined by the quality of team members a company attracts. In most service businesses today, the job technicians are encouraged to not engage with a client beyond what is absolutely necessary. It’s a lot like the average employee kept hidden in the “kitchen” at a fast food establishment. You will never see their face let alone know their name. However, in a 5 Star restaurant your personal chef may actually come out, introduce him/herself and not just ask how the food was but how you are as a real, quality human being. The experience you get is entirely up to you when you make the decision on where to dine.

Who are you sending to clean my windows in Bend OR?

The Human Element

In all honesty, employees at a fast food joint don’t care about the customer. Any potential for passion is sucked out of them through low wages, poor company culture and robotic management practices. The guy greasing your fries and flipping your burger could have been hired just that morning. Their training is to do the bare minimum of work with the least skill possible for the lowest legal wage.

Speed and low cost do not equal quality just as you know fast food doesn’t equal quality. What gets missed when finishing the job as quickly as possible is job #1? Employees at a fast food joint don’t stick around for the long term and help build the company. It’s a (small) paycheck and Nothing more. To retain skilled, caring employees you have to train well, treat right and pay a decent wage.

Would you invite the average fast food worker into your kitchen to cook dinner for your family? Would you choose a window cleaning company who has the same hiring standards and wages as a fast food joint? Would you trust those employees in your home to go unsupervised in your office, bedroom or your kids’ rooms? We’re not fear-mongering, but these are the thoughts we have whenever hiring anyone to work in our personal home.

Would you invite the average fast food worker into your kitchen to cook dinner for your family?

Would you choose a window cleaning company who has the same hiring standards and wages as a fast food joint?

Some Window Cleaning Companies in Bend OR...

With some window cleaning companies, that stranger in your house is even more of a stranger to the company owner. He was hired just that morning after a panicked free Craigslist ad went out at midnight to cover an overbooked schedule for the next day. The kind, caring, professional person that you spoke to over email or the phone when you booked will not be who is coming to your home. In fact the person you talked to may never leave the office and has no idea what it takes to get the job done right or in some cases is just a contracted representative at an international call center.

MasterPro is a family owned and operated business. That family spirit also extends to our employees who are viewed as a valued part of our Family, not just our labor pool. And this Family has extremely high standards that are becoming increasingly rare in the world. Everyone is a clean and trustworthy member of our community. No one here smokes, vapes or uses drugs and everyone has a clean record. When you look out the window to see us arrive on your property, you’ll see a uniformed team that you’ll be excited to open the door to.

Everyone here is committed to the success of our Family and we want every client to feel like part of the Family too. Even the person answering the phone is regularly out in the field, understands what it means to be “The Best” and knows what it takes to make you happy. Before anyone in the company steps foot on your property, they are thoroughly vetted and trained to represent who we are. When they Every member of our MasterPro Family is committed to giving you a 5-Star experience.

What makes MasterPro Service Inc “the Best” ? It’s our commitment to care for You, our customers and our dedication to your happiness with every service and visit. We don’t call ourselves “the Best.” That was bestowed upon us, in writing, by your neighbors, friends and family after experiencing the MasterPro difference.

If you’d like a fast food equivalent in a service business, just ask us; we’d be happy to refer you to those many companies in Central Oregon who provide what you’re looking for. (In fact Central Oregon is already home to a couple rapidly expanding national Window Cleaning Franchises.)

If you want to get a taste of MasterPro Service, get started with an instant quote by clicking the button below. https://masterproclean.com/

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