How Do I Filter The Wildfire Smoke In My Home?

Wildfire smoke hanging in a pine forest

Every Summer, we get hit in Bend and Central Oregon with smoke from the terrible wildfires that plague the Pacific Northwest almost every year. It can begin as early as late July and extend well into October.

So, this is just a little helpful advice to get some better air in your home during the crazy wildfire smoke that we are experiencing in Bend and all across Central Oregon. Please share this info with your elderly and respiratory-sensitive friends and relatives.

Below are the links to the products we recommend. (In the video we say “HEPA” filter but what you actually want is a “MERV 13” filter.)

Amazon usually has product available even when everywhere else sells out. They also have great deals on multi-packs of filters since you’ll want to change yours out once it gets dark with the smoke particles. Plus, you’ll have leftover filters for next year long before fire season begins.
Fan –
Alternate Fan –
Filter –
Alternate Filter –

These products may also all be available locally at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Ace Hardware. If they are sold out there, you may also try Wilco, Coastal or even Target and Wal Mart.

Home Depot
Fan –
Filter –

Fan –
Filter –

We should all do what we can to get ready by having an emergency go bag in case the wildfires hit us in our own community and also be ready to protect your health from the noxious smoke.

Please stay safe and be ready just in case the fires get closer to you. There are some great resources available here from the State of Oregon:

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