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What makes MasterPro Window Cleaning in Bend Or Different?

The MasterPro Bend Window Cleaning Difference

Billions are spent each year to create Fast Food business systems to be more efficient: spend less time on the customer, source cheaper beef, disguise the poor quality of ingredients, automate, robotize. Some places have removed the human element completely. There are no prep chefs behind the counter; your hamburger’s “parts” came from a processing plant. Most Fast Food franchises can only offer consistent mediocrity. The franchise mentality is this: Faster, Cheaper, Middle of the road.

In a true customer oriented company, everyone is a Master Professional dedicated to making sure you have the best experience. It’s not where you go for convenience but for quality. A true service company is not going to make the owner rich; it is to going to make the client, employee and owner happy, in that order. Happy employees = happy customers. The crew here at MasterPro Service is not just a bunch of workers for some cleaning company, they are members of our family and our clients are too.

Of course, we enjoy efficiency. We implement the best methods, best equipment and best training to achieve the best quality in a reasonable amount of time. But that is something that you can’t rush. Efficiency does not equal rushing. We do work quickly to minimize the impact on your day, but we can’t rush your satisfaction. And these principles go beyond our window cleaning service. They apply with everything we do whether it be gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning or any of our other services. We only give you “the Best.”

What makes MasterPro Service Inc “the Best” ? It’s our commitment to care for You, our customers and our dedication to your happiness with every service and visit. We don’t call ourselves “the Best.” That was bestowed upon us, in writing, by your neighbors, friends and family after experiencing the MasterPro difference.

If you’d like a fast food equivalent in a service business, just ask us; we’d be happy to refer you to those many companies in Central Oregon who provide what you’re looking for. (In fact Central Oregon is already home to a rapidly expanding national Window Cleaning Franchise.)

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